italicshift 斜体シフト
design & illustration

—a brand-driven design firm. We create and redesign brands.


design is our expertise, innovation is our constant, —excellence is our standard.

—who we are.

founded by Tiago Cristo, we are a multidisciplinary team working for the generation of credible, dynamic and alive Brands.

we develop Communications in the most compelling ways online and offline, embracing all the relevant media channels in the actual brandscape.

we provide a seamless global service combining creativity, technology and strategy for the creation of real brand connections able to engage and inspire all audiences.

—our philosophy

what we think.


at italicshift we believe in quality design and innovative thinking. We work passionately taking a unique and creative approach to every project. Since 2011 we deliver integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client creating real and effective brand value.

—our culture

the place, our studio.


located near Lisbon, we built our studio away from traffic and conglomeration. We believe an inspiring and healthy environment makes a difference in our everyday work. We work in a beautiful, luminous and calm place where some of our favorite moments happened.